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  Fibre of the Gods

In ancient times it is said that the alpaca was created as a gift for the Inca people by the sun god Inta and was reserved exclusively for Inca royalty.  Today it is  
appreciated throughout  the world  as a luxury fibre and is part of a thriving global market.

Although referred to often as wool, alpaca fibre  resembles more closely hair.  It has a hollow interior and scales which allow pockets of air to form creating  thermal insulation , even when wet.

It comes in 22 natural colours , is extremely light,  as soft as cashmere, does not pill and is second in strength to silk. It does not irritate and unlike sheep's wool, does not contain lanolin making it hypo allergic. 

People who have trouble wearing sheep's  wool normally find wearing alpaca much more agreeable .

Alpaca is beautiful to work with ......


It is available in 4 ply and double knit in a range of natural colours.
Double Knit 110 metres  - 50 grams
4 Ply 175 metres            - 50 grams

                   10 euros + P.P.

For more information regarding stock and available colours contact us.

   Alpaca Supplies

We have a limited supply of products available to our clients. If you can't see what you're looking for, please get in touch.

Haylage nets/filet de foin  -    10 euros
Halters/Licol adult/cria           -    20 euros
Lead ropes/longe              -    10 euros
Flutter teats/tétines  x 2    -      5 euros
Alpaca colostrum              -      6 euros
        100 mls sachet


 Fibre is provided from our own alpaca herd although feel free to bring your own.
Courses run from 10hoo til 17hoo weekdays or Saturdays at a cost of 40 euros. Lunch and refreshments included. Groups welcome. Sorry not suitable for children under 14 years.

Gift Vouchers are available for our Needle Felt courses which make ideal présents.

Contact Jayne Parker                           for more information on
0297 273886


Spinning Course
The art of spinning allows you to take fibre from your animals and create your own yarn and garmants for yourself and your family.
Our one day introductory course is aimed at beginners and will give you the basic technique and understanding required to enable you to develope your skills further.

Gift Vouchers are available for our courses which make ideal Mothersday, Birthday or Christmas presents.
Beautifully presented in their own wallet.

For more information please call or email us.


 Experience Days
This course is ideal for anyone who has just acquired their alpacas or are comtemplating buying them and wishes to learn more about their general care and animal husbandry.

Contact us for a detailed agenda
English and French spoken

The cost of the course is refunded if you should decide at a later date to buy animals from either ourselves or our associates Popham Alpacas


  La Laine des Dieux

Au temps de la civilisation Inca, on disait que le dieu-soleil Inti avait créé l'alpaga comme cadeau pour le peuple, et aujourd'hui on l'appelle encore la fibre de Dieux.  Autrefois réservé exclusivement aux membres de la famille royale Inca, de nos jours la fibre d'alpaga est appréciée dans le monde entier et constitue une industrie florissante dans de nombreux pays.

On appelle souvent la fibre d'alpaga de la 'laine,  alors que la fibre d'alpaga se rapproche plutôt à des poil.  La fibre, d'alpaga est creuse à l'intérieur et sa structure lui confère une qualité d'isolant thermique, même quand elle est mouillée. 
La laine compte plus de 22 couleurs
naturelles.  Elle est douce comme le cachemire extrêmement légère,  ne peluche pas , ne rétrécit pas non plus. Elle est la deuxième laine la plus résistant âpres la soie. 
Elle ne contient pas lanoline et elle est
hypoallergénique.  La plupart des personnes souffrant d'allergies n'auront aucune réaction à l'alpaga.

............  and a pleasure to wear !!!

Add a certain  ......
           " je ne sais quoi" 
                ...... to your knitting !!

Our alpacas have been selectively bred to produce the finest and softest fibre for our yarns.

PURE BREIZH ALPAGA is our 100% Baby Alpaca worsted yarn 70% huacaya, 30% suri.  Processed exclusively from our own herd here at Quelvehin and milled in Cornwall.


Contact us on 0297 273886

 Felting Course
Needle Felting is fun and easy to learn, with very little mess or expenditure.

Our one day course explains the principals of needle felting and shows you the basic technique and skills which we hope will inspire you to go on and create your own projects.


Courses are run on a one to one basis from 10hoo til 17hoo and can be arranged for either a weekday or Saturday at a cost of 40 euros.

Lunch and refreshments included along with all equipment.


The course runs from 10h.00 til 17h.00 and can be arranged for either a weekday or Saturday.

The price is 50 euros per person  or
80 euros a couple and includes lunch and refreshments.

Accommodation can be arranged in one of our luxury cottages if required.

Alpaca Experience Weekend
For a full flavour of life with alpacas, why not spend the whole weekend with them !!  3 nights plus our course for two people  -   200 euros - food not included.